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There was a time when finding a hotel room in Stillwater required a lot of forward planning. Over 100 years ago, travelers would never have thought of building hotels for traveling sports fans, but that was before the advent of the Internet.

In 2018, Stillwater seems to have a plethora of hotel rooms, especially downtown near the Oklahoma State University campus. Hotel rates are lowest during the winter months, except during the holiday season, which gives visitors a great opportunity to explore the attractions inside.

It is still hot and the humidity can be quite unbearable, but average highs in July and August have settled to a more comfortable 93 degrees. This makes it an ideal season for sightseeing and relaxation outdoors is much more pleasant as the oppressive summer heat does not set in.

It's not quite like a college football game, and if you like the sport, beat the crowd and book your room in advance. Since hotel rates will be affordable and you don't have to worry about college age in the summer months, you can have some sort of tornado plan in case.

Visitors to city facilities are required to wear face coverings on the premises and are asked to follow CDC guidelines on social dissociation and hand washing before visiting. The city is asking that procedures and regulations are in place and that companies issue a copy of this checklist at public entrances to the store. Residents should regularly review current information at the local, state, and federal levels to stay informed and take precautions to limit the spread of disease as identified in CDC guidelines. Shelter in Place does not require or recommend the use of personal protective equipment for people with compromised immune systems, such as pregnant women and children.

Stillwater Community Center and Armory Gym are open, but the facility is limited to 50 people each. Stillwater Public Library is open during the day, although the main library conference wing, like all wings, is limited to 20 people per hour and is allowed to accommodate over 50 people each time, and is not centrally located in the central hub of downtown. Some services are still available, but not centrally in the city centre or in hubs such as the community centre.

Most hotels are located downtown, except for one hotel, the Stillwater Hotel, on the corner of McElroy and Perkins Road, which is the only full-service hotel in downtown Oklahoma City with a restaurant.

As the community expanded, many more hotels were built along Highway 51, which runs west of Interstate 35, and on the east side of the Oklahoma River.

In 1983, the present Zannotti wine bar in the Hoke building was included in the National Register of Historic Sites. People who are fascinated by the roundabout at 10th and Main and may be waiting for their place at Granny's hang around at the Hueston Hotel, which opened in the decades after the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

Since the Scott Hotel was converted into a hotel in the 1920s, the location has changed countless times. The Grand Hotel, built in 1926, was built on the site of a former train station at 10th and Main Streets, east of Main Street.

The original Payne Hotel became a hospital in 1917, but in 1920, when Whittenberg found the funding for a more suitable hospital, the hotel became Rex Apartments. Elvin Earl Rains bought the building after World War II, and the site remained the Rains Hotel until the 1960s.

A new sports hall was built for Pioneer Athletics, which brought the state's playoff basketball games to Stillwater in February. A bond issue was agreed to bring the State Championship game, the December weekend, to the city.

This can be directly attributed to Stillwater's need for hotel rooms, but hotels are quickly filling up with parents and family members helping students move in. Classes take place during the week, which means that you can wait a few times at attractions in the area. Check Oklahoma State University timetable before making your reservation and ask the hotel before making your reservation.

The procedures and rules listed below are binding and constitute the minimum standards that all companies must comply with, unless they declare a state of emergency. The state - enacted rules and regulations replace the strict standards of care and practice they impose, but Stillwater operates under additional specifications and restrictions that were signed by the mayor. Meetings are no longer prohibited, and the physical dissociation rules for companies and other activities are not affected by these prohibited meetings. In addition, meetings in public places such as parks, beaches, parks and beaches may not be prohibited.

Although the city only gets about 10 inches of snow per year, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast before traveling and to come with appropriate winter clothing. In addition, the tornado season extends from late March to August, and Oklahoma City has had a significant share of tornadoes in recent years. If you're moving 20 miles east of Interstate 35 from north to south, Stillwater is a place to spend the night.

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More About Stillwater