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I have loved a lot in my life, but I am most proud of my family, my friends and the people of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Stillwater, Oklahoma is a wonderful place to get out and no list of the best attractions in Oklahoma for you and your family is complete without a visit to Lake Carl Blackwell Park and Perry Lake RV Park. This vibrant park offers a variety of exciting water activities and attractions and is a great campsite in Stillwater. If you want to spend a few days or more in LakeCarl Blackwell Park, you should definitely stop in the park for a picnic and a drink or two in the bar or restaurant. Perry Lake is just over a mile southwest of Oklahoma City and is just a short drive from downtown.

The museum displays exhibits about Stillwater and Payne County, including the first land course that opened the Oklahoma Territory to settlement in 1889, and provides an insight into the life of Washington Irving, who once wrote a book describing his experiences as a young man in the early days of Oklahoma State.

This huge sculpture glows with mustard yellow color and is a must see - see Oklahoma on a road trip to Tulsa during your vacation. Stillwater was part of the first Oklahoma Land Run, which took place on April 22, 1889, when the Unassigned Lands were first opened to settlement and became the core of the new Oklahoma Territory. In 1889, it was considered part of the original Oklahoma Land Run and was to become the "core" of Oklahoma territory. The Golden Driller was introduced by a Texas oilfield supplier from Tulsa, which was considered the oil capital of the world at the time.

Stillwater's list of attractions includes a museum where visitors can experience the history and heritage of central Oklahoma. Other attractions include the Oklahoma Land Run Museum, the Great Plains Museum of Natural History (pictured below) and the State Capitol.

See all the outdoor activities in Stillwater on TripAdvisor and see what you can do at the SpringHill Suites in Stillwater. See all the kids - friendly things to do in Stillwater on a trip to the Oklahoma Land Run Museum and the Great Plains Museum of Natural History. Do things in and around Stillwaters, Oklahoma: See the sights in Andover and Oklahoma City, as well as other Oklahoma State towns and cities.

Learn more about Stillwater on TripAdvisor and learn about all the outdoor activities in Andover and Oklahoma City, as well as other Oklahoma State cities. Learn what to do at the Oklahoma Land Run Museum and the Great Plains Museum of Natural History in Stillwaters.

Learn more about the Oklahoma Land Run Museum and the Great Plains Museum of Natural History in Stillwaters, and learn about all outdoor activities in Andover and Oklahoma City, as well as other Oklahoma State cities.

The following list includes 14 free and affordable activities in Stillwater, Oklahoma, including a healthy eating and living guide. The best things to do in Oklahoma : Check out the list of 23 things you can do when doing everything in and around Stillwaters, from the Oklahoma Land Run Museum to the Great Plains Museum of Natural History.

Bowls in downtown Chandler, Oklahoma, are a great place to celebrate, which is one of the most popular events in Stillwater and the Oklahoma City area. Other events include the annual Blooming Tumbleweed Festival, Oklahoma Tumbleweed Festival and Oklahoma State Fair.

Oklahoma State University (OSU) is one of the largest public universities in Oklahoma State, located approximately one mile from downtown Stillwater. The city enjoys low cost of living because it is close to the greater Oklahoma City area and a few miles from downtown. College Gardens is a beautiful public park with unique architecture dating back to the Second World War and the early 20th century. In this city there are a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels as well as a number of museums and galleries.

The population here is fairly young, about a third of them between 18 and 34, as it is home to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Many of his students-athletes later played professional sports, making Stillwater one of Oklahoma State's most popular residences for college and professional football players. In the 2016 Livability list, Stillwater was ranked as the second most populous city in Oklahoma, behind only Oklahoma City, and it was voted into our top 10 best retirement-only cities.

As one of the largest places on our list, Tulsa is home to 393,987 people who have no trouble finding thrills. Oklahoma has a wide variety of restaurants, but this place is very interesting, with a wide variety of unique and tasty restaurants. This place may not have as many restaurants as other places in the top 10, but it is still a great place to enjoy unique, delicious food.

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